How to speed up windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10

How to speed up windows 10

In this article I’m going to tell you how to speed up your old computer as new as, when you buy a new computer it’s working very fast but after some time this computer going to slow down and not worked as new but I will tell you how to improve your computer performance without any software.

Tip 1: – Clear all Temporary Files

How to clear temporary files?

For clearing all temporary files, search %temp% in search bar then hit Enter button or click on start button then click on RUN option and then type %temp% in RUN search box, then hit enter. A new window is opened, you can see all temporary files in this window. Now you have to delete all files from this folder after delete make sure you have deleted all files from recycle bin too.

1.1 Search Temporary Folder

Delete all files from above (Temp folder) and also delete from recycle bin.

1.2 Clean all Temporary

Note: – Some files couldn’t be delete because of hidden process is running in background but don’t worry about it just skip that files which are not deleting.

Tip 2: – Disk Cleanup

For disk cleanup you have to search disk cleanup in search box then hit enter or click on disk cleanup program to run disk cleanup utility.

1.3 Disk Cleanup

After run disk cleanup utility, A disk cleanup drive selection window is opened in disk clean drive selection window you have to select that drive which you want to clean.

1.4 Drive selection

After drive selection press enter or click OK button, after some auto process A new window is opened where you can select that files or folder which you want to delete or clean after selection click on OK button.

1.5 Select Files

After click on OK button, deleting process will begin. It will take some time depend on files space so wait for finish this process.

Note: – You can also delete unwanted system files and logs from your computer via click on Clean up system files.

Great!!! now you have cleaned all unwanted and unnecessary files from your computer.

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