How to remove from mac

How to remove from mac is a browser hijacker that will change your default search to search engine. It’s came from bad click and unknown extensions which you accidentally install in your computer.


How to remove from your browser?

Method: – 1. Install uninstaller in your mac.

Open your browser in Mac then click on FAQ tab of homepage, you can find FAQ tab in left side of’s homepage as per given below image.

Open FAQ tab

Then find uninstaller in FAQ window, download uninstaller in your mac then simply run uninstaller by double click. This will remove virus from your computer.

Download Uninstaller

This is a Zip file extract this folder and run by double click.

Now you have successfully removed from your mac’s browser.

Note: – If you are using old version of MAC OS then may be this method couldn’t work, so you can use next method for removing virus from your mac.

Method: – 2. You can remove from your computer by some useful Command.

Open up terminal and run these all command one by one.

  1. defaults write HomepageIsNewTabPage -bool false
  2. defaults write NewTabPageLocation -string “
  3. defaults write HomepageLocation -string “
  4. defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL
  5. defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderNewTabURL
  6. defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderName
Run command

After successfully run all command simply close all windows and the restart your computer.

You have successfully removed from your computer.

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