how to remove password in windows 10

how to remove password in windows 10

In this article I’m going to tell you how to remove password in windows 10 without knowing password  and Windows Login PIN. In case you have forgotten your Windows Login Password and you should tried 10 or more time to login but you can not access your important files and folders, which you need to submit to your boss. So what can you do now?

Now you have two options: -

  1. Remove Hard Disk Drive and connect with another PC.
  2. Remove User Password with a simple trick.

What you choose now totally depends on you, but I will go with second option.

You can connect your hard drive with another Computer and you can access your files and folders, but it’s not a permanent solution for your Computer. So you have to remove your User’s password to use your Computer again. 

What you need?

  1. A USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive) minimum 8 GB storage. Or Blank DVD Drive.
  2. Windows 10 ISO file.
You can download Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft official website.
To get Windows 10 ISO file click below
Windows 10

First off all click on download tool now then run this tool and download windows 10. After download Windows 10 you have to create a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD. You can directly create bootable drive via Microsoft tool or you can use RUFUS.

Follow all below steps: -

First off all shut down your Computer then insert USB Stick and press start button to start your computer, then instantly press F2 + Delete key (May be different in some cases)  repeatedly to entering into BIOS settings. In BIOS Window you have to choose USB Stick to First Boot Device, then press F10 key to save all changes and restart.

Boot with USB Drive: -

When system restarted you may need to press any key to Boot from USB or CD/DVD drive. 

For boot from USB

On windows startup window, click on Repair your Computer option.

Windows 8 repair

Click on troubleshoot option.

To access more options

Then click on advanced option.

To access command prompt

Click on command Prompt.

To access command prompt

Now run the following commands

  • C:
  • Cd windows
  • Cd system32
  • Copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe
  • Copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe
  • Del utilman.exe
  • Rename cmd.exe utilman.exe
  • exit
Run all commands

After all above process restart computer normally and login without any password.

Note: - You can reset any windows password with Windows 10 USB or CD/DVD.

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