How do I restore my mac to factory settings

How do I restore my mac to factory settings

MAC OS Utilities

Hello everyone, this is Ashok Jadon and I’m going to tell how to format and restore you MAC OS to the factory settings as new as. 

Before you start formatting the drive, make sure you Backup Your Data  and  Logout from Account and Services. When you complete all necessary steps plugin your power adapter and  follow all below instructions.

1. Sign out from I Tunes, massages and other accounts.

You need to do so the first thing we need to do is go in and disable a few things or sign out of a few things, so let’s do that now now the first step we’re going to do is the authorize it from iTunes or sign out from iTunes so we need to go into iTunes go to account and then sign out now after you’ve done that and you’ve signed out of that. Now you need to do the exact same thing for messages no messages has the account settings up here preferences and then you’ll get to accounts, and then you need to sign out of here as well now once you’re signed out of that you need to sign out of i Cloud. So that’s what we’ll do next that’s under your system preferences and under system preferences, find i Cloud now the same thing goes here you want to sign out down here on the bottom left make sure everything is signed out. Now before you do any of this you need to make sure that you have a backup if you’re trying to replace the Mac so it’s going to continue to ask you if you want to delete information from your Mac just keep hitting delete and then at some point you’ll be prompted for your i Cloud password. Now after you put in your password it will finally sign you out of everything and you’ll be good to go as far as that part goes so it’s not associated with you at all anymore now. 
i Cloud

2. Restart MAC in Recovery mode

I’m going to use COMMAND + R as I don’t want this associated with my Apple ID anymore, so hold those down and then hit the power button keep holding them and give them a few minutes and then it will boot up and you can see it will say starting internet Recovery and then it will boot up, now that it’s starting you can let go of the keys now that it’s finished.
Recovery Mode

3. MacOS Utilities

MacOS Utilities

Mac-OS Utility, here you can Restore your MAC OS from different from different ways like -
Restore from Time Machine Backup.
Install Mac OS.
Get Help Online.
Disk Utility.

4. Erase all data from Macintosh Drive

we need to wipe the drive so we’ll click on Disk Utility and click continue then here we need to click on
Macintosh hard drive or HD and then click erase so if we click on erase you and select the format you’ll see it’s APFS or APFS encrypted just select APFS click erase it will take a few moments you’ll see it completely deleted everything, it says erase process is complete click done to continue so we’ll click done.
Erase Mac HD

Re-install Mac-OS

click the X here and go to reinstall Mac OS, so we’ll click continue this will take a moment and then we’ll start to install the OS all over again. So here you’ll see we’ll click continue we’ll have to agree to the terms again click agree, then select our drive just click on the drive then click install, now that it’s done.
How do I restore my mac to factory settings
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How do I restore my mac to factory settings
Click the X here and go to reinstall Mac OS, so we’ll click continue this will take a moment and then we’ll start to install the OS all over again. So here you’ll see we’ll click continue we’ll have to agree to the terms again click agree, then select our drive just click on the drive then click install, now that it’s done.
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