Bing redirect virus mac (remove bing from chrome)
Bing hijacker

Bing redirect virus mac (remove bing from chrome)

In this Article I’m going to show you how to remove Bing redirect virus from mac, bing redirect hijacker is a virus which hijack google search redirect to bing search engine automatically.

Bing redirect is a hijacker malware.
Bing redirect

Steps to remove bing redirect hijacker virus from mac.

  • Open your computer then click on finder option to access your file systems.
Finder is a option to access file system in MAC
  • Then click on Applications to access your all applications.
To access all application click on Applications tab
  • Find Terminal in Applications folder and then open utilities then double click on terminal to run a command.
For run a command in mac open  application then utilities then click on terminal
  • Run a command in terminal to access the hidden files in mac.
  • Run this command – defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
  • Again Run commandkillall Finder
To access hidden files in mac run a command - defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

Next command - killall Finder
Access hidden files
  • Click on ‘Library’ and then the ‘Application Support’ folder then delete all data from .dir folder.
  • If not solved after deleting .dir folder’s data then delete all hidden folder from ‘Application Support’, but make sure that you are only deleting hidden folders, not original folders.
Delete all data from .dir folder
.dir folder

Great Job! you have successfully uninstalled bing redirect virus from mac safari browser or chrome browser.

Note: – You can access your hidden files and folder by pressing

Command + Shift + . (DOT)

To access your hidden files and folder
Access you hidden files

To remove hijacker click on this link –

To know what is Bing search engine –

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